The saying “Old Habits Die Hard” is popular for a reason. It can be hard to stop doing something you’ve done for so long. More so, it can be hard to stop doing something that is currently helping you. 

In this month’s Search Engine Land article, I look at bad link building habits people need to stop doing. Here’s an excerpt:

“We got them a PR7 link.” If someone said that to me eight years ago, I’d think that was great. If someone said that to me now, I’d smile and ask them what it means for their business. Is it press? Is it going to send leads? Is it a major industry site? If yes, then those things are exciting. If someone is excited simply because it’s a PR7 site, that’s the wrong way to look at it.

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30 Day Challenge: May 2014

May Recap

Woo! A successful month! This was a challenge that I really wanted to kill (not that I don’t typically but this was extra close to my heart).

I used to run quite a bit. I ran a half marathon in 2009 and was continuing my training for a full marathon. Unfortunately, I ended up with a knee injury and just couldn’t get back into running. Five years later…I’m finally getting back there.

My goal was a 5k but instead I signed up for a 5 miler. While I had to walk for a couple minutes, I did it. More importantly, I am back running consistently and have even signed up for another race in June.

June Challenge

My June challenge was initially to not watch TV after 9…however, as I sit here typing this, it’s 9:32 and the TV is on. Even though I’m not the one watching it, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t glanced here and there (What? It’s the Bachelorette). So…I’m going to switch out June with September and instead do 200 sit-ups each day. My abs will thank me in 30 days.


Each month it can be hard to come up with a topic to write about. After all, there’s only so much you can say about building links. Thankfully, Derek gave me a great idea…tell people how exactly we built links last month. It’s real, actionable, and something I hadn’t done before. 

Here’s an excerpt:

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Building an Online Brand Through Customers

I had an absolutely amazing time at the Digital Marketing for Business conference last week and I hope to include a write-up soon. For now, here is my presentation, “Building an Online Brand Through Customers”:


30 Day Challenge: March & April 2014


March & April Recap

My 30 day challenges have been interesting this year and I’ve really been enjoying changing things up. My March challenge, to watch 5 movies from my “want to watch” list wasn’t quite successful but I did watch 3 movies that I wanted to see:

  • King’s Speech
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Glengarry Glen Ross

I tried to watch Wolf of Wall Street but truthfully, I didn’t find it as interesting as I’d hoped. I do still have a number of movies I want to watch and are currently on my Amazon watchlist including, Casablanca, Fargo, Sophie’s Choice and Capote.

As for April, which prohibited me from shopping online…boy was that a tough one! Two wedding showers, combined with birthdays made for a difficult month. I buy everything online which usually turns into me also buying things for myself.

That being said, I didn’t buy anything online…except a pizza. Ok, ok…I forgot I wasn’t buying anything online and I was really hungry. But I didn’t buy any clothes, presents, or anything else. I’m calling April a success.

May Challenge

My May challenge, to run a 5k, is geared toward getting me in shape. I actually signed up for a 5 miler instead of a 5k and have been doing pretty well getting prepared. In fact, I’m pretty to close to having run a 5k already. Hooray!

Have your own 30 day challenges? How are they going?


First off, if you aren’t familiar with Modernpreneur, go check it out. Craig Carpenter, who runs the site, has created some great content, interviewed some really smart people, and has created a solid community.

Second, a huge thanks to Craig for having me. This was by far my favorite interview I’ve ever done and I truly enjoyed the conversation. 

If you are interested in a discussion about online marketing, go give it a listen! » 


The world of link building can be frustrating. There are always new updates and penalties and unless you are embedded in the industry, it’s often tough to know what’s ok and what’s not. My solution…focus on your business. Here’s an excerpt from my latest Search Engine Land article:

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I wrote this article the day before SMX started and it made me pretty happy to hear several speakers saying some of the same things that I mentioned in the article. Building content takes time, and it’s important that we don’t let that content go to waste. Here’s an excerpt from the post

It’s no secret that in order to build good links, you typically need to build good content. The problem is creating good content takes time and resources, and after the piece has gone live and been promoted, it’s often forgotten about. What a waste!

One great way to put that content to good use and build new links is to revisit and repurpose. After all, if a piece was successful once, it probably was successful for a reason. Take advantage of what you already have.

Check out the full article on Search Engine Land.


What’s Happening? March Edition

There is a lot going on this month and since I don’t have time to write a long post about each of the cool things happening, I figured I’d compile everything into one.

B2B Website Usability Survey Launch

This is really exciting as we have been working on this survey since the fall. Dianna Huff, someone I have known a while and respect greatly, approached us and it’s been a fun process. More importantly, the report is awesome! Great information, well done design, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. Get the report free »

SMX West Travels & Takeaways

This is my third time attending SMX West and it was as wonderful as ever. I learned some new things, met a few new people, and got to spend time with some of my favorite people. I also did a few write-ups for Search Engine Land, which can be found here:

Digital Marketing for Business Raleigh

One of my favorite people I’ve never actually met in real life, Phil Buckley, invited me to the Digital Marketing for Business conference happening in Raleigh in May.

I’m always looking for a reason to get down to Raleigh and this event is a really good reason. The event looks super cool and I’m looking forward to attending an event I’ve never been to and discussing branding. Here are the details for my session:

And…well, I think that’s it for now! 


30 Day Challenge: January & February 2014

This is my third year of 30 day challenges and every year without question, someone asks me why I’m doing this. I used to simply respond “why not?” but really there are three main reasons:

  • To see if I can
  • To form good habits
  • To try something new

While the not drinking in January habit has never caught on in the four or five years I’ve been doing that, some other habits have. On top of that, I end each month feeling like I accomplished something…and that’s a nice feeling.

January & February Recap

Another year of sober January in the books! This year was probably the hardest as there was a lot going on but I held strong. And just for the record…peer pressure is real and it’s hard to resist.

February was a bit of a different challenge as I vowed to stay off Facebook. As someone who works in the social media space, I had to work around it a bit, but I didn’t once log into my personal account or mill around Facebook in a non client-related way. It turns out, I would be just fine without Facebook. In fact, even today I don’t have any desire to log in.

The one thing that’s made me laugh is Facebook’s constant attempt to get me to sign in. Weekly emails letting me know notifications are pending, emails telling me a friend uploaded a photo, emails about events. The best part is, I have these email notifications turned off and have never gotten them before.

The other lesson from this is people just assume you see things on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many conversations with friends included “you probably saw on Facebook.” Nope! Turns out you’ll just have to tell me in real life what happened!

March Challenge

We all have movies that we want to watch and so for March, I’ve made it a goal to watch 5 movies from my “want to watch” list. Note: This list only exists in my head.

I started the day by watching “The King’s Speech” and absolutely loved it. Movies I’m considering include Casablanca, Fargo, Deliverance, Crash, Capote, The Hurt Locker and 12 Years a Slave. 

Popcorn is ready!