I wrote this article the day before SMX started and it made me pretty happy to hear several speakers saying some of the same things that I mentioned in the article. Building content takes time, and it’s important that we don’t let that content go to waste. Here’s an excerpt from the post

It’s no secret that in order to build good links, you typically need to build good content. The problem is creating good content takes time and resources, and after the piece has gone live and been promoted, it’s often forgotten about. What a waste!

One great way to put that content to good use and build new links is to revisit and repurpose. After all, if a piece was successful once, it probably was successful for a reason. Take advantage of what you already have.

Check out the full article on Search Engine Land.


What’s Happening? March Edition

There is a lot going on this month and since I don’t have time to write a long post about each of the cool things happening, I figured I’d compile everything into one.

B2B Website Usability Survey Launch

This is really exciting as we have been working on this survey since the fall. Dianna Huff, someone I have known a while and respect greatly, approached us and it’s been a fun process. More importantly, the report is awesome! Great information, well done design, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. Get the report free »

SMX West Travels & Takeaways

This is my third time attending SMX West and it was as wonderful as ever. I learned some new things, met a few new people, and got to spend time with some of my favorite people. I also did a few write-ups for Search Engine Land, which can be found here:

Digital Marketing for Business Raleigh

One of my favorite people I’ve never actually met in real life, Phil Buckley, invited me to the Digital Marketing for Business conference happening in Raleigh in May.

I’m always looking for a reason to get down to Raleigh and this event is a really good reason. The event looks super cool and I’m looking forward to attending an event I’ve never been to and discussing branding. Here are the details for my session:

And…well, I think that’s it for now! 


30 Day Challenge: January & February 2014

This is my third year of 30 day challenges and every year without question, someone asks me why I’m doing this. I used to simply respond “why not?” but really there are three main reasons:

  • To see if I can
  • To form good habits
  • To try something new

While the not drinking in January habit has never caught on in the four or five years I’ve been doing that, some other habits have. On top of that, I end each month feeling like I accomplished something…and that’s a nice feeling.

January & February Recap

Another year of sober January in the books! This year was probably the hardest as there was a lot going on but I held strong. And just for the record…peer pressure is real and it’s hard to resist.

February was a bit of a different challenge as I vowed to stay off Facebook. As someone who works in the social media space, I had to work around it a bit, but I didn’t once log into my personal account or mill around Facebook in a non client-related way. It turns out, I would be just fine without Facebook. In fact, even today I don’t have any desire to log in.

The one thing that’s made me laugh is Facebook’s constant attempt to get me to sign in. Weekly emails letting me know notifications are pending, emails telling me a friend uploaded a photo, emails about events. The best part is, I have these email notifications turned off and have never gotten them before.

The other lesson from this is people just assume you see things on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many conversations with friends included “you probably saw on Facebook.” Nope! Turns out you’ll just have to tell me in real life what happened!

March Challenge

We all have movies that we want to watch and so for March, I’ve made it a goal to watch 5 movies from my “want to watch” list. Note: This list only exists in my head.

I started the day by watching “The King’s Speech” and absolutely loved it. Movies I’m considering include Casablanca, Fargo, Deliverance, Crash, Capote, The Hurt Locker and 12 Years a Slave. 

Popcorn is ready!


When I got into search, one of my favorite things about it was that it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard of, but at the same time had some elements of PR in it, which is what I thought I wanted to do. Now, there’s even more overlap and it’s pretty cool to get to talk to my PR friends about how our worlds intertwine. 

Check out the full article »


2014: 30 Day Challenges & Goals


It’s a new year with new challenges! This year, I’m sticking to just one challenge each month. Here we go:

  • No alcohol
  • No Facebook
  • Watch 5 movies from my “want to watch” list
  • No online shopping
  • Run a 5k
  • No TV after 9pm
  • Up before 7am (M-F)
  • No fried food
  • Do 200 sit ups per day
  • No caffeine
  • No swearing ($1 per swear to charity)
  • Visit 10 places in Boston I’ve never been

As for goals, I’d like to check some more items off of the life list, visit some new places, and meet some new people. At minimum:

  • Visit a new country
  • Visit a new state
  • Take a hot air balloon ride

Cheers to 2014 friends! What are your goals for the year?


In my latest Search Engine Land article, I take a look at how recent changes to link building are forcing us to rethink the link. Here’s an excerpt:

Read the full post here —>


See You at SMX West 2014!

I am speaking at SMX West

Wow! Just like that, conference season has already begun! I’ll be kicking off 2014 out in San Jose for SMX West. As always, I’m excited for the sessions, to see old friends (and hopefully make some new ones), and see what’s happening in the world of search. Here’s where you can find me:


3/13 - 3:15pm: Link Building Clinic 

Q & A

3/12 - 9am: Long Term SEO: How to Win for Years

3/12 - 10:45am: Earning Links, Not Building Links

Session Coverage 

3/12 - 1:30pm: Life Beyond Google

3/12 - 3:30pm: Social Meets Search: Where are we going

Headed out to the show? Let’s connect! Find me on Twitter or Google+.


Join Me on #MaxImpact Tomorrow 1/16


Update: See Full Recording

Max Minzer, a very smart (and very nice) digital marketer, runs a weekly show called Max Impact. He’s had a lot of great marketers on there and it always involves a worthwhile discussion.

This week, I’ll be joining him to discuss brand advocacy and how businesses can leverage this massive voice consumers now have thanks to social media and the web. Here are the details:

When: January 16th, 1pm PST / 4pm EST

Where: Google Hangout

Hope you’ll join us! I’m really looking forward to it!


2013 in Review: My Top Moments of the Year


Well, it’s that time of the year where I once again sit back and wonder how another year could pass by so quickly. And…each year when I get to this point (See: 2012 and 2011), I look back on all the amazing things that happened and thank my lucky stars for everything in my life.

Without further ado, here are my top moments of 2013:

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

In the past three years, my travel schedule has become busier and busier. While I didn’t go on any big trips this year, I did manage to visit 16 airports and visit three new cities. I spent five days at Disney World with a group of my Boston friends, a week in the Outerbanks with friends I’ve known since pre-school, and four days in Columbus, OH with my college roommates. Pretty great.

One of my goals this year was to visit a state I’ve never been to and I’m happy to say I can check that off the list thanks to my recent trips to Texas and Illinois. 25 states down, 25 more to go!

I’ve already got four trips lined up through March 2014 so it’s looking like another busy year! 

Conference Spectacular!

Last year at this time, one of my top moments was attending SMX, and SMX West specifically. It was so amazing to get my foot in the door on the speaking circuit and the experiences in 2013 only got better.

This year, I spoke at over seven events including SMX Advanced, Ad:Tech San Francisco, and Dallas Digital Summit. Each event was different and at each event, I either reconnected with friends or met more awesome people. That’s definitely my favorite part!


Here’s hoping to more speaking events in 2014!

A New Commute

When I thought about my life in Boston oh so many years ago, I always thought I’d be the typical city resident walking to work and living life within the city radius. This year, that finally came true.

KoMarketing moved to the Seaport district in March, making my commute approximately 1.3 miles. I got rid of my car, got myself a bike, and at the same time, learned just how lazy I can really be (you don’t want to see my cab total for the year).

That being said, my bike and I did end up in The Globe and I am so happy to have the commute I always dreamed of…even in the snow.

My Search Engine Land Debut

Writing for Search Engine Land is something I’ve aspired to do for a long time. This year, after some extreme prodding from Elisabeth and Greg, I finally was able to achieve that goal.

It’s kind of crazy to think about how many people follow the site and are now reading things I’ve written. Hopefully they don’t follow my advice too closely :)

30 Day Challenges & Life List

This year wasn’t exactly a success for my 30 day challenges. Personal things arose and well, challenges couldn’t be a priority.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try again in 2014. In fact, I’m going to take the last 6 months of 2013 challenges and roll them into 2014. Per usual, I’ll also be abstaining from alcohol in January.

The good news from the year is my life list had a couple items checked off. I went deep sea fishing, finally watched Citizen Kane, and as mentioned previously, visited two new states.


I feel pretty confident a few more items will be marked off in 2014. Here’s hoping!

Boston Love

It was a crazy year here in Boston. We had the blizzard in February which led to one of my favorite weekends ever, a Red Sox victory (and parade), and of course the marathon bombing..something I’m hoping to never have to experience again.

Through it all though, the city showed it toughness and pride and that it’s not really as hard as it wants you to think it is. I think that’s why I love it so much. I’ve been here 8 years and I’m happy to call Boston my home.

So….that’s that. Cheers to 2014 friends!


It’s the season of giving so why not ask someone to give you a link! My latest column explores seven relationships you already have that can help you build links and grow your online presence. Here’s an excerpt:

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