It’s no secret that link building is hard. It’s hard, it’s becoming more difficult, it takes time, and even when you think you’ve done everything right, it turns out you may have missed something. 

In my latest Search Engine Land article I look at five uncommon mistakes you might be making. Here’s an excerpt:

You spent time identifying a site, identifying a person, finding their contact email, interacting with them, crafting the perfect email…and after you hit send on that email…you never hear from them. Did your email get lost? Did it go to spam? Why are they not responding? I thought we were friends.

With the average professional receiving over 300 emails per week, it’s easy to see how an email might be overlooked or simply forgotten about. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened an email, responded to it, only to realize a week later I didn’t actually respond at all.

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I’ll Be Speaking at #SMX East 2014!

I am speaking at SMX East

To say I’ve taken this year off when it comes to conferences would be a bit of an understatement. Last year, I spoke at seven shows and attended two others. This year, I’ve been to two. However…I am pumped to say that SMX East will be my third! 

I just love SMX shows so much and while some of my good friends won’t be there this year (tear), lots of others will. There are a ton of people speaking and/or attending that I can’t wait to meet. And…I’m pretty psyched about my panel, which is a new topic for me. Here are the details:

Competitive Research For SEO

Your competitors have top rankings in search results for some of your prime keywords. So how did they do it? Savvy SEOs know how to analyze and understand the strategies of the competition, and then use that knowledge to rev up their own efforts to achieve even greater visibility and reach. During this panel, our experts will discuss the tools and tactics they use to mine valuable competitive insights, and use that knowledge to maximize their own SEO strategies.

Date: Tues, September 30th

Time: 10:45am

Best of Show / Key SMX Takeaways

After three days of thought leadership, meaningful insights and tactical tips, you’ll be sure to have your own list of top takeaways, favorite speakers and sessions. Of course, you couldn’t attend every session – but have no fear! In this session you’ll hear from speakers and attendees what they found most valuable, as we recap the best information from the show.

Date: Thur, October 2nd

Time: 3:45pm

Hope to see you there!

*Updated 9/2/2014


Something that isn’t always discussed regarding link building is how it’s organized. There can be a ton of moving parts and keeping everything and everyone on the same page can be difficult. So this month, I looked at 8 tools that help keep your link building campaigns organized. Here’s an excerpt:

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30 Day Challenge: June & July 2014


June & July Recap

It’s been a whirlwind of two months here! Between travel, moving, work, other blog obligations…I haven’t really had much time to write here. That doesn’t mean my challenges aren’t still happening though.

In fact, both of my June and July challenges went pretty well. I did my sit-ups all but two days and I was up almost every weekday before 7:30am (I modified that from 7…too early). It’s always nice being up early but man oh man do I love to sleep. In fact, I slept until 10:30 on Sunday and it was glorious.

I’m trying to be better about getting up earlier during the week as there’s something to be said about getting to work and getting your day organized early, but we’ll see.

August Challenge

No fried food. This is one of my favorite challenges I do because it’s hard, but it’s also good for me. I don’t know if this is a challenge for most people but if you know my love of chicken wings and french fries, you’ll understand how difficult this is.

I’ve also decided to add No Beer to the list because well…I’m finally on a consistent running schedule and if I can eliminate beer and fried food from my diet, my body should be happy. Plus, no beer doesn’t mean I can’t drink at all, it just means no beer.

Here’s to a healthy August! 


The saying “Old Habits Die Hard” is popular for a reason. It can be hard to stop doing something you’ve done for so long. More so, it can be hard to stop doing something that is currently helping you. 

In this month’s Search Engine Land article, I look at bad link building habits people need to stop doing. Here’s an excerpt:

“We got them a PR7 link.” If someone said that to me eight years ago, I’d think that was great. If someone said that to me now, I’d smile and ask them what it means for their business. Is it press? Is it going to send leads? Is it a major industry site? If yes, then those things are exciting. If someone is excited simply because it’s a PR7 site, that’s the wrong way to look at it.

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30 Day Challenge: May 2014

May Recap

Woo! A successful month! This was a challenge that I really wanted to kill (not that I don’t typically but this was extra close to my heart).

I used to run quite a bit. I ran a half marathon in 2009 and was continuing my training for a full marathon. Unfortunately, I ended up with a knee injury and just couldn’t get back into running. Five years later…I’m finally getting back there.

My goal was a 5k but instead I signed up for a 5 miler. While I had to walk for a couple minutes, I did it. More importantly, I am back running consistently and have even signed up for another race in June.

June Challenge

My June challenge was initially to not watch TV after 9…however, as I sit here typing this, it’s 9:32 and the TV is on. Even though I’m not the one watching it, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t glanced here and there (What? It’s the Bachelorette). So…I’m going to switch out June with September and instead do 200 sit-ups each day. My abs will thank me in 30 days.


Each month it can be hard to come up with a topic to write about. After all, there’s only so much you can say about building links. Thankfully, Derek gave me a great idea…tell people how exactly we built links last month. It’s real, actionable, and something I hadn’t done before. 

Here’s an excerpt:

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Building an Online Brand Through Customers

I had an absolutely amazing time at the Digital Marketing for Business conference last week and I hope to include a write-up soon. For now, here is my presentation, “Building an Online Brand Through Customers”:


30 Day Challenge: March & April 2014


March & April Recap

My 30 day challenges have been interesting this year and I’ve really been enjoying changing things up. My March challenge, to watch 5 movies from my “want to watch” list wasn’t quite successful but I did watch 3 movies that I wanted to see:

  • King’s Speech
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Glengarry Glen Ross

I tried to watch Wolf of Wall Street but truthfully, I didn’t find it as interesting as I’d hoped. I do still have a number of movies I want to watch and are currently on my Amazon watchlist including, Casablanca, Fargo, Sophie’s Choice and Capote.

As for April, which prohibited me from shopping online…boy was that a tough one! Two wedding showers, combined with birthdays made for a difficult month. I buy everything online which usually turns into me also buying things for myself.

That being said, I didn’t buy anything online…except a pizza. Ok, ok…I forgot I wasn’t buying anything online and I was really hungry. But I didn’t buy any clothes, presents, or anything else. I’m calling April a success.

May Challenge

My May challenge, to run a 5k, is geared toward getting me in shape. I actually signed up for a 5 miler instead of a 5k and have been doing pretty well getting prepared. In fact, I’m pretty to close to having run a 5k already. Hooray!

Have your own 30 day challenges? How are they going?


First off, if you aren’t familiar with Modernpreneur, go check it out. Craig Carpenter, who runs the site, has created some great content, interviewed some really smart people, and has created a solid community.

Second, a huge thanks to Craig for having me. This was by far my favorite interview I’ve ever done and I truly enjoyed the conversation. 

If you are interested in a discussion about online marketing, go give it a listen! »